FAQ: Can the Mediterranean Diet help my Osteoarthritis?

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Can the Mediterranean Diet help my Osteoarthritis?

This diet helps to reduce the pain associated with osteoarthritis. It is rich in fruits, vegetables, fish, nuts and beans. It is also low in processed foods and saturated fat. It is both good for your overall health, and can also help manage your chronic disease activity. The diet is frequently encouraged for its anti-ageing and disease-fighting powers.

Why is the Mediterranean Diet good for you?

Mediterranean diet benefits

Eating the foods that are part of this diet can do the following:
    1. Protect against chronic conditions, ranging from cancer to stroke to osteoarthritis arthritis
    2. Help osteoarthritis symptoms by reducing inflammation
    3. Benefit your joints as well as your heart 
    4. Lead to weight loss, which can lessen joint pain

Mediterranean diet foods

The Mediterranean diet consists of:

    • fruit and vegetables
    • whole grains
    • legumes
    • fish
    • yoghurt
    • healthful fats, such as olive oil and nuts
Mediterranean diet

Simple changes you can make

Simple changes to your diet can help make it more like the Mediterranean one. Try to eat

    • high-fibre, starchy foods. Examples of these are: sweet potatoes, potatoes, beans, lentils, whole-grain bread and pasta
    • a wide range of fruit and vegetables
    • less red meat
    • vegetable and plant oils such as olive oil
    • less refined flour – substitute with wholemeal options

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This FAQ “Can the Mediterranean Diet help my Osteoarthritis?” was curated by Creaky Me as part of the article  6 Facts You Need to Know about OA and Diet

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