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Learn Indonesian using DuoLingo App

Duo Lingo is a fun, free app for learning languages (there are 35 languages available at the time of writing).It is great for the visual learner and keeps motivation going through gamification, leader boards, earning power and positive messaging.   Duolingo consists of quick, fun, bite-sized lessons. It will enhance your efforts to learn a new language but it is not a stand alone language teacher. Unfortunately it has a very linear progression model, with vocabulary online being unlocked once you have completed previous lessons. This means that sometime you nee to learn vocab which may not be relevant to what you want to achieve and learn. 

The link below gives you access to multiple learning games:

  • flashcards
  • audio vocabulary lists
  • writing practice
  • word matching
  • bingo
  • crossword
  • manipulatives
  • matching game
  • quiz show
  • randomizer wheel
  • scavenger hunt
  • snowman
  • word cloud
  • word search
  • word scramble
  • print quiz


DuoLingo Introduction module

No in Indonesian

Indonesian has several ways to express “no” (bukantidakjangan and belum) . Bukan is used to negate nouns and adverbs, Tidak is used to negate verbs and adjectives, Jangan is to tell somebody not to do something and Belum means not yet or event may happen in the future.

Kosakata (Vocabulary) 

halo, apa kabar, Andi, Tini, siapa, nama, dari, bukan, mana, Jakarta, Jepang, Bali, berapa, dua puluh, sepuluh, umur, tahun

Flippity Practice here


DuoLingo Greetings module


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