Dear Diary

A quality life with joint pain. This is  Creaky Me’s informal journey sharing how to live a quality life with joint pain. My joint pain is caused by osteoarthritis of the knees. Stiff, sore and achy joints are part of my everyday life. Self-management of my condition is a daily requirement. Join me – as I drink, laugh, read, travel and explore my new future way of being.


  • Dear Diary: Road Trip series shows how I went from not being able to drive to taking a 12+ hour road trip holiday alone the East Coast of Australia
  • It’s a Creaky Life – will contain short excerpts from my life living with chronic joint pain COMING SOON
  • Read this…  looks at the books that I read (I am an ex Teacher-Librarian after all) COMING SOON

Indonesia – Memory games

Learn Indonesian using DuoLingo App Duo Lingo is a fun, free app for learning languages (there are 35 languages available at the time of writing).It is great for the visual learner and keeps motivation going through gamification, leader boards, earning power and positive messaging.   Duolingo consists of quick, fun, bite-sized lessons. It will enhance your …

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