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Blog launch announcement. I hereby launch my Creaky Me blog. Creaky Me - a life with joint pain. More comfort, less pain. Enjoy and go gently xx
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Dear Diary,
It’s a day I’ve been putting off for weeks. But I’m sitting here, dictating into my phone, looking through the gorgeous picture window showing the Brisbane city skyline and its river, all laid out before me, and I’m reflecting. Its time for a blog launch announcement.
Photo showing the Brisbane river and the city skyline. The aspect is taken from the 13 floor of a residential tower looking from South Brisbane down the river towards South Bank
The View from my Office window. Photo showing the Brisbane river and the city skyline. The aspect is taken from the 13 floor of a residential tower looking from South Brisbane down the river towards South Bank
It is 12 months since I first realised that the work injury I had, was in fact osteoarthritis. OA, as I have learnt, is a degenerative and chronic disease. Imagine if you will, my previous laughter at anyone’s suggestion that the 6 months of physio, knee taping, anti- inflammatories, joint pain, difficulty with walking, inability to climb steps, was in any way due to arthritis. I would say “No, I’m not old enough for that!” I truly believed it. So despite all the signs it was a true shock to me to learn that I had Osteoarthritis. It’s certainly not life-threatening, it’s certainly not unmanageable….BUT it is life changing. It was the start of a very emotional journey through Shock ~ Anger ~ Resistance ~ Acceptance ~ Hope.
It is now 10 months since I made the decision to quit work for 3 months and focus on imagining, and creating, a new preferred future for myself. The dream of spending the remainder of my 10 year working life, back in a school library, was no longer viable.
It is 6 months ago since COVID-19 made its entrance into my world. Turning my 3 month sabbatical from work into a full-time, out-of-work reality. Eeek!
Creaky Charlie at work
Creaky Charlie at work. Love working from home and learning these new digital skills. So out of my comfort zone too!

So within the last 6 months I have overcome my fear of pain during exercise. I have bought a new arthritis-friendly car to ensure future independence and re-evaluated my mobility future.  I am a work in progress with implementing better nutrition, exercise (honestly I will … soon!) and selfcare routines.

"If you think you are too small to make a difference, try sleeping with a mosquito"

Dalai Lama
I am learning to reframe my thinking about the world and my future in it.
By constantly reminding myself that everyone and anyone CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE, I’ve decided to teach myself some new digital skills and (despite some very real fear and angst) share my journey into my new future….

Ultimately I hope that this can become a platform for fellow joint pain sufferers to share their journeys with one another too….

…… and so, without further ado (imagine please the trumpet blasts…. ta, da!!!!!) I’m launching my (work in progress) blog. 

signature 1P.S: This is so scary!!! I feel as though I am naked on TV, giving birth in full view of an audience. An audience that I cannot see. Weird! Don’t forget to follow me and join me on social media. 


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I love this so much!! I’m a couple years post diagnosis with psoriatic arthritis, and I resonate with your description so much. Looking forward to reading more!!


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