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Bargara to Rockhampton. A road trip, driving with arthritis. Places to visit, eat and stay along the way,. Dear Diary.
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Day 2: Bargara to Rockhampton

road trip bargara rockhampton

Todays trip from Bargara to Rockhampton was all about getting close to the Capricorn Caves, and enjoying the picturesque journey at a relaxed pace along the way. We made multiple stops to relish in the scenery and quirky stores along the route. 


Places to Visit


Bargara is only 15 minutes away from Bundaberg. It has lots of flat, paved pathways, ideal for the more mobility challenged.  Its ideally situated as a relaxing, family friendly location with easy access to Mon Repos Turtle Centre and Bundaberg including the Bundaberg Rum Distillery Bargara itself has a village-like atmosphere with beautiful beaches. A gorgeous place to relax and rejuvenate. We will revisit Bargara as a place of destination rather than simply a stop over.




Agnes Water

Agnes Water has a beautiful beach and is very popular with tourists.  See this list of the best things to do or visit

Stand up paddle boarding appeared to be the most popular activity whilst we were visiting. Top experience was simply the clear blue sea and pristine beach.


A short drive away from Agnes Water is the larger township of 1770 From here you can visit Lady Musgrave Island


The Big.......

Along the drive from Bargara to Rockhampton you can visit the following Australian icons:

Not something big – but definitely interesting and quirky Red Rocket Diner

Meal Stops

Learn what we thought of the places where we chose to eat as we made our road trip from Bargara to Rockhampton. We are the kind of people who don’t really research prior to going to a place and prefer to just rock up and take a punt. We like a variety of venues:and can be found in haute cuisine venues to the local FoodWorks store and anything in between. We do love our food however, and are on the constant “see food, eat food” diet. It’s always a battle to avoid food envy and not be looking at the others plate, wishing we had made a different choice! So we turn it into a competition. Keep an eye on the scores as the trip continues.

BREAKFAST: Marina Cafe, 1770

Whilst there was lots of food choices at the 1770 Marina Cafe we could not go past a hot bacon roll. Flashback to student days in cold UK. Real comfort food and absolutely delicious! We were able to eat outside overlooking the crystal clear, blue sea and watch the boats, feeling envious of all those boat owners and reminiscing of the time we had one and would go out as a family. The world looks so different whilst cruising on the sea.

Food choice winner: It’s a draw, we both chose the same meal

LUNCH: Raglan Tavern

Because we had a late breakfast and stuffed our faces with a bacon roll, we were not hungry at this lunch stop off, so we had liquid refreshment only. There is a large covered outdoor sitting are, which we enjoyed. There are lots of interessting Australian memorabilia displayed around.

However, we did see the food being served – your standard burger/fish/chicken snitzel with chips. All meals we saw showed generous portions.

DINNER: Oasis Restaurant, Rockhampton

The Oasis restaurant is part of  Korte’s Resort. We were able to dine outside beside the swimming pool (be aware of mozzies.) Our waiter was very attentive (actually rather over the top and painstakingly awkward.) We appreciated the effort though. Being in Rockhampton which is renowned for its beef cattle, there could be no other food choice other than steak. Paddy chose the eye fillet and I chose the smaller rump.

DISAPPOINTING: Top price was charged ( cost was on a par with Brisbane City prices) and the taste, presentation and quality was utterly underwhelming! Go elsewhere if you want steak.

Food choice winner: Neither of us 🙁

Food Envy Score
Creaky Me 2
Irish Paddy 2

Bed for the night: Kortes Resort

We chose Korte’s Resort primarily for its closeness to the Capricorn Caves. It was a cheaper option than staying right next to the caves and as it catered for conferences, we felt it would be good quality too.  We were not disappointed with the cleanliness and quality of our room.  Although as with most convention centres it was business focused and very generic and lacking in atmosphere. But for a just a night stopover it was perfect. All rooms are on ground level – so no steps required (yeay!)

It was interesting to see that they had a Disable Access room which included chiropractor-approved beds, disabled friendly bathroom and an adjoining carers room, if required.

My daily discoveries for more comfort, less pain

Sometimes we just need to remind ourselves of the bleeding obvious! Sometimes we just have not discovered this adapation. Below are my daily discoveries as I learn the process to adopt, adapt and become adept with living with the joint pain of Osteoarthritis. 

1. Managing my OA symptoms is the key. I kept up with the daily anti inflammatory, tried really hard to remember not to cross my ankles or legs during the journey and got out of the car to walk at all opportunities.

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