Arthritis Friendly Car Buying Guide

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Arthritis Friendly Car Buying Guide

Future proof yourself. You will want to extend your ability to remain independent and mobile well into the future. You may not need some of the arthritis-friendly features suggested in this article immediatelyHowever, take care to cater for the degeneration of your joints as they worsen over time. This Arthritis Friendly Car Buying Guide and Checklist will help ensure that you cover all possibilities with your new purchase.

Recommending the right car for someone is like trying to pick out someone else’s favourite art work. It is an individual and subjective decision. Every person with a joint degenerative disease such as osteoarthritis experiences their condition in a different way.. So test drives and thorough research is vital.

Quick tips for buying an arthritis friendly car

If you can:

  1. Take an occupational therapist knowledgeable about arthritis with you to shop.
  2. Take whatever mobility aids you use – to see if will fit in the boot? Canes/walkers/scooters
  3. Hire/rent a car of the model you are considering buying so that you can test drive it over a series of days. 
  4. Try out the car and any adaptations on one of your worst days, not when you are feeling at your best.
  • Do plenty of research 
  • Consider how and where you drive 
  • Check the car’s fuel consumption 
  • Work out a budget and shop around
  • Use the Arthritis-Friendly Buying Checklist below to check for the recommended features
  • Get as many adjustable features as possible so you can tailor make your driving space to suit your unique requirements. These can include an adjustable steering column, the ability to lower and raise the seat, electronically adjustable side mirrors etc
Are you driving with arthritis
Click on the image to find out how to drive with Arthritis safely

Researching your next arthritis friendly car. 

  • Keeping within a budget
  • Car running costs
  • Insurance
  • Car loans

Check out RACV website for useful advice around researching

An Arthritis Friendly Car Buying Checklist

So what car did I choose?

Don’t forget that we are all unique individuals with our own needs. What I chose to drive may not be the best for you.

kia picanto min scaled

KIA Picanto

I live in the city so my driving tends to be on city streets and small distances only.
Reasons for my choice:
1. an amazingly small turning circle

2. lightweight and short doors
3. automatic
4. cute look!
5. cheap to fill

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