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A space for those living life with joint pain

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Are you newly diagnosed with a chronic disease that affects your joints?  Are you battling with joint pain and stiffness every morning or after exercise?  Are you struggling with daily life coping with a chronic and degenerative joint disease?

Creaky Me is a blog about living with joint pain. 

Come and join our community of joint pain warriors!


Self Care & Lifestyle

These CreakyMe blog posts are about a lifestyle with chronic joint pain. Explore how exercise, nutrition and self care can help lead to an improved quality of life with degenerative joint disease caused by arthritis.

Mobility & Travel

Topics that help increase your daily comfort and reduce the pain you experience in your joints whilst travelling and maintaining your mobility.

Dear Diary

"By beginning a diary, I was already conceding that life would be more bearable if I looked at it as an adventure and a tale." Anais Nin This is Creaky Me’s informal journey sharing how to live a quality life with joint pain. Join me – as I drink, laugh and explore my new future way of being.

Joint Pain

These CreakyMe blog posts are about living with Osteoarthritis: the pain, treatments, pills plus aids and devices that help lead to a better quality of life.

Learn with, and from, each other as we all adapt to our new futures

Shock reaction to chronic disease
Anger reaction to chronic disease
Resistance reaction to chronic disease
Acceptance reaction to chronic disease
Hope reaction to chronic disease
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